College of Grassland Science and TechnologyCollege of Grassland Science and Technology

The College of Grassland Science and Technology of China Agricultural University was founded in December 2018, which was originally from the research group on grassland science founded in 1956, China Agricultural University, and became the Department of Grassland Science in 2000. This discipline began to establish postgraduate degree in 1963 and began to recruit undergraduates in 2001. It has a complete set of national first-class key disciplines, which are undergraduate major of Grassland Science, Grassland Science master's degree and doctor's degree, agricultural and seed industry degree authorization and postdoctoral research station. Grassland Science discipline was rated as A + discipline in the fourth round of discipline evaluation in 2017.

At present, the college has four departments, and they are Department of grassland resources and ecology, Department of grassland production and utilization, Department of lawn and environmental engineering, Department of breeding and seed science. Thirty to thirty-five undergraduate students, 30-35 master students and 10-15 doctoral students every year are enrolled.

Up to now, there are 40 staffs (31 full-time teachers) in college, including 16 professors, 15 associate professors, 2 lecturers, 94% of them have got the doctor degree. One of them is specially appointed professor of Yangtze River scholars, two of them are leaders of science and technology innovation in the "ten thousand talents plan", two of them are young and middle-aged science and technology leaders in the ministry of science and technology, two excellent talents in the new century of the ministry of education, and a chief scientist in national technology system of forage industry, a chief scientist of the national science and technology support project, three scientists of the national modern agricultural industry system, two of them took office in international organizations, two are head of the first class domestic Institute, four are head of the second class committee. In the past five years, the discipline has undertaken more than 100 national, provincial, ministerial and international cooperative scientific research projects such as "863 Plan", "973 Plan", science and technology support plan, National Natural Science Foundation, etc., which more than 70 million yuan of project contract funds arrived to the CAU account.

The College of Grassland Science and Technology has one national field station (Guyuan, Hebei) for grassland ecosystem observation, nine provincial and ministerial scientific research base platforms, and an international soil-playground lawn laboratory, the national forage industry technology system research and development center, the Secretariat of the national forage technology innovation alliance, the secretariat of  national first level society "China forage society", and host the journal  “Acta Agrestica Sinica” (in Chinese).